Sklené Teplice is located in a beautiful valley in the Stiavnica Mountains. The thermal springs with water temperatures ranging from 37 °C to 52,3°C are unique to these mountains and have been used for a thousand years, not to mention their more recent use as healing springs in the more recent and celebrated history of the spas in the area. The spa itself is most likely the last spa that does not dilute or treat the water as it changes the baths on a daily basis, which makes the pools and baths accessible even for those who are more sensitive to spa water and for allergy sufferers. The high magnesium and calcium content means the spa is the ideal site for treating and preventing locomotor disorders as well as nerve and rheumatic diseases, injury rehabilitation as well as general recuperation and regeneration stays. The cave steam bath, known locally as "Parenica", is unique to Europe. Stays in the Maria Theresa baths, the sauna world and excellent coffee in the historical Kursalon café are an experience for the body and the soul.

Sklené Teplice Spa is the ideal location for patients and the general public in search of a calm and soothing environment, history, pure nature and extraordinary therapeutic thermal water. Various types of spa stays are available with a wide range of procedures conducted under the supervison of caring medical professionals.

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